The golden age of Scene Magazine, that is–namely, when I was editor. (No offense to any former or subsequent Scene editors. Of course it was the golden age – it was the only one I knew about! It was also, in some ways, harrowing beyond words.)

This is one of my very ultimate favorite biographical photos. There’s me, graphics guy Doug Shald*, and behind the camera was Scene publisher Mike Mockler, who came back from somewhere and caught us slacking.

In Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado, this funky labyrinthine complex of retail spaces was formerly known as the Clifton Building. Over the years it has housed dozens of alternative ventures: shops, therapists, publications, eateries, workshops, studios, organizations, etc. At this time, the open-air hallways had been covered over with scavenged roofs that used to be on bus stop shelters. The city got rid of them and the owner’s sons recycled them here, to keep the rain and snow off us.

* Also, percussionist