no step on snek

I embrace NO STEP ON SNEK as my personal mantra, motto and battle cry!

Before America’s revolution, the snake was a popular symbol, and sometimes appeared with a Latin inscription that meant “None will provoke me with impunity.” They were too proper to spell it out, but in 1776, “Don’t tread on me” meant “Don’t fuck with me.”

I’m as entitled as anyone else, to express that sentiment. I have as much right as anybody to appropriate the meme of a rattlesnake poised to strike. I care not who else thinks they have a valid claim. I say — Take back the Snek!

Gadsden flag
Ben Franklin was a big fan of the Gadsden flag. Originally, “Don’t tread on me” represented the threat of revolution. Almost 200 years after the flag’s creation, libertarians adopted it. In the pop culture realm, the design is said to denote bold defiance and an anti-government stance.

gadsden 1

But never mind that. What I love is the historic banner’s newer iteration, No Step On Snek. The image is captivating; the motto carries layers of meaning. In one sense, I am Snek. In another sense, we are all Snek.

The hidden secret is: I too must avoid stepping on Snek.