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Throat Singers of Tuva

(This was written many years ago, as pre-show publicity, and then my concert notes say, “Huun Huur Tu means Sun Propeller, the way the rays shoot out from a cloud – the visual effect that a friend once pointed to … Continue reading

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I adore this androgynous person, who is like Roy Orbison meets Joe Cocker. He’s in the Leonard Cohen tribute concert film “I’m Your Man” and in this clip he sings “If It Be Your Will.” In the YouTube clip, as … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen Quotations

Recalling his time at McGill University ” I yearned to live a semi-bohemian lifestyle, an unstructured life; but a consecrated one; some kind of calling.” in an interview Do not be a magician, be magic. Beautiful Losers “I had the … Continue reading

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Hedwig Soundtrack

My feeling is, if it’s worth hearing once, it’s worth hearing 150 times. When I fall in love with an album, I’ll play it for a month with nothing else in between. Such a masterwork is Hedwig and the Angry … Continue reading

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Phil Ochs Miscellaneous

In There but for Fortune, an Ochs biography, the author says Pleasures of the Harbor was not a perfect album, an opinion that isn’t universal. One night R and I dropped acid and rolled around on the mattress until dawn. … Continue reading

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Troubadour in the Shadows: Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs was the singer-songwriter who could have been Dylan, had Dylan not already occupied that position. If Dylan had never been born, Ochs would have been the major musical spokesman for the Sixties. Since Dylan did exist, Ochs always … Continue reading

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GENERATION ECCH! The Backlash Starts Here

A cultural critic named David Toop once said, “What’s utterly now will soon be thoroughly then; once it becomes then, it might as well be paleolithic….” That’s what this book is all about – the ephemeral nature of “what’s happening … Continue reading

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