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Table of Contents

A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago-Ben Hecht

A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago – Herman Rosse

Ace Backwords: An Appreciation

Acid Heroes by Ace Backwords

Adam and Eve of Hip Comedy: Nichols & May


Baltasar Gracian, Droppin’ Wisdom

Craig Ferguson and All That

Craig Ferguson’s Dad

Danforth, Prince of Blood Moon

Destiny Disrupted

Double Rainbow, End to End

Dr. Harry Hermon – Cannabis Pioneer and So Much More

Dry Hustle

Fantazius Mallare: A Mysterious Oath

Favorite Y U NO Memes

Generation Ecch!

Hedwig Soundtrack

Hollywood Unlisted

Humor Quotations

Hunga Dunga: Confessions of an Unapologetic Hippie

I Am Not a Number! Claire Wolfe

In Search of the Lones

Inspired by Rubber Tramps: 9 Designs

James Baldwin – His Life and Work

Kidd of Speed

Leonard Cohen Quotations

Manuel Samaniego

Michael Ventura’s Letters at 3 AM

My Morning Jacket



On Missing David Foster Wallace

Phil Ochs Miscellaneous

Positive Beautiful Activism

Science Fiction the Early Stage

Splendid Audiobooks, and Why

The Golden Age

The Best Song Lyrics Ever

The Void Captain’s Tale

Throat Singers of Tuva

Toyer by Gardner McKay

Troubadour in the Shadows: Phil Ochs

What Would Jakob Do?

Won’t Somebody Believe Me?

Zen and the Art of Being George Carlin

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