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Destiny Disrupted

You remember Tamim Ansary. He wrote that email about Afghanistan, just after 9/11, that viraled its way around the world. His Destiny Disrupted is the most enlightening and exciting political book I’ve read since Jonathan Kwitny’s Endless Enemies, the one I … Continue reading

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Troubadour in the Shadows: Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs was the singer-songwriter who could have been Dylan, had Dylan not already occupied that position. If Dylan had never been born, Ochs would have been the major musical spokesman for the Sixties. Since Dylan did exist, Ochs always … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Number! Claire Wolfe

It’s so easy, and so much fun, to write about things you don’t like: to sling insults, sneer, be snide, and all those other sn and sl words. People who like to do this have even ruined the perfectly good … Continue reading

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