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On Missing David Foster Wallace

Normally, it seems a bit cheesy to mourn a person whose path you never crossed. I didn’t send a flower bouquet when Princess Diana died. But when David Foster Wallace took his own life, I felt personally bereaved. (And yes, … Continue reading

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Fantazius Mallare: A Mysterious Oath

This weird book was suppressed for many years, not without reason. Plenty of explicit sex, it goes without saying. But the really disturbing part is the beginning, perhaps the most venomous, hate-filled, manic-depressive, pathological piece of literature in circulation. It’s … Continue reading

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Troubadour in the Shadows: Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs was the singer-songwriter who could have been Dylan, had Dylan not already occupied that position. If Dylan had never been born, Ochs would have been the major musical spokesman for the Sixties. Since Dylan did exist, Ochs always … Continue reading

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